Message From Chairman

Mr. L P Sanwa Limbu                                                      Chairman


To achieve the company objectives Gorakshya Hydropower is looking for the possible Hydro power projects.


  • o survey construct and operate clean energy project.
  • To survey construct and operate transmission line.
  • Construction of preliminary infrastructure including road and construction power for the development of clean energy.
  • To assist in the uplifting of social and economical status of local people of  project area.
  • To provide direct and indirect investment.

”The Company has identified following projects in Dhading district of Nepal as of today. Super Aakhu Khola Hydro power Project 25.4 MW Located in Ruby Valley Rural Municipality (Then Lapa and Sertung VDCs). Menchet Khola Hydropower Project 7 MW located at Ruby Valley Rural Municipality (Then Shertung and Tiplin VDCs).”