Access Road

The Access Road sandwiches along the DAMAN PAKHRIN MARGA. The track open work is under progress above Dundure Khola by 4 excavators and an effective team of highly skilled manpower equipped with sophisticated tools. Till now, 7 km road above Dundure khola (start of Jharlang) has been prepared marking the chainage of 46+. Upto 28th February 2018 we have achieved 58.33% to our target goal. Moreover, we have been successful on constructing a diversion on dundure khola which helped the excavators to cross across the dundure khola with ease. The road is 8 meter wide and is under control monitor of ROAD DIVISION. The exact location of the work progress is the Gomchyat Community forest. We are targeting to achieve 12km track opening and up gradation within the end of this year.

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