About Our Hydropower

Gorakshya Hydropower Company Pvt.Ltd was registered in 2071-01-22 and then it came into existence. The authorized capital and issued capital of the company is 1,20,00,00,000/- and 1,00,00,00,000 respectively/- The aim of this project is to contribute in development of country by exploring clean energy.

Until 1990, hydropower development was under the domain of government utility, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) only. However, with the enactment of new Hydropower Development Policy 1992, the sector was opened to the private sector also.

The source says that 83,000 MW hydro electricity could be generated in Nepal. However, in reality, only one and a half percent of this potential has been produced to date. Nepal  has been able to develop only  1,000 MW(approx) as of F.Y. 2017/18 However, country’s overall power supply at present is around 1,000 MW including power imported from India. Total power generated from the country including power imported from India is insufficient to fulfill the country’s peak power demand of approximately 1,300 MW.

Besides this the annual demand of hydro energy has been increased by 80 MW each year and the typical nature of the climate in this region and discharge of Nepalese river diminish significantly during winter season and increasing demand of electricity. All these factors lead the country facing load shedding.

Therefore the country has a need to focus on  new hydropower project as soon as possible. Thus, Gorakshya Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd wants to make a significant contribution in reducing the load shedding problem faced by the country.


To be one of the best contributor in small hydropower sector of Nepal.


  • Assist government in reducing load shedding by exploring untapped hydropower potential of our country.
  • To mobilize fund from local and international level to invest in hydropower for the benefit of the people in order to utilize the unlimited resources by leading the way in a small hydro power project.
  • To encourage peoples participation and empowerment to have better living

To achieve the company objectives Gorakshya Hydropower is looking for the possible Hydro power projects.


  • To survey construct and operate clean energy project.
  • To survey construct and operate transmission line.
  • Construction of preliminary infrastructure including road and construction power for the development of clean energy.
  • To assist in the uplifting of social and economical status of local people of  project area.
  • To provide direct and indirect investment.

”The Company has identified following projects in Dhading district of Nepal as of today. Super Aakhu Khola Hydro power Project 25.4 MW Located in Ruby Valley Rural Municipality (Then Lapa and Sertung VDCs). Menchet Khola Hydropower Project 7 MW located at Ruby Valley Rural Municipality (Then Shertung and Tiplin VDCs).”